Belt systems are predominantly used for handling all types of packaging or loose products. Depending on the use, the belt finish can either be a grip surface for inclines, low friction, or food quality, this is achieved using either rubber, PVC, or specified materials.

The types of product usually conveyed on belts are boxes in plastic or cardboard, beds, electrical components, coiled cable, wastepaper, chemicals, motors etc.

Fixed or Variable speed can be achieved via an externally mounted end drive unit, or motorised drum assembly. For reversing facility, a centrally mounted underslung motor would be used in conjunction with forward and reverse controls. For more integrated systems, a central external control panel would be used. Production requirements and facilities determine the construction and composition of the scheme.

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Warehousing Soap & Detergents Process Industry Pharmaceutical Automotive Assembly Shops Agriculture Processing Any.

Flat Belt Conveyor
Packing Table Belt Conveyor