CarlStahl Craftsman

CarlStahl Craftsman is a joint venture between CarlStahl GmbH of Germany and Craftsman Automation of India. CarlStahl Craftsman are based in Coimbatore, India
When you need lifting solutions for material handling, think of CarlStahl Craftsman. At CarlStahl Craftsman will provide complete end to end lifting solutions customized for your application. CarlStahl offer a wide range of electric chain hoists, wire rope hoists, and lifting tackles to suit your lifting needs. From jib cranes, X-Y gantry cranes, EOT cranes, A-Frames, Goliath cranes, our expertise allows us to provide safe, economical, and effective material handling solutions supported by a country-wide service network on call 24x7. CarlStahl Craftsman hoists are manufactured using proven design and highest quality standards, and all our hoists are load tested before delivery. For special applications like hot metal material handling equipment’s in foundry environments, CarlStahl Craftsman  offer insulated hoists that are robust and reliable.