Column protections are impact-resistant REFLEX systems designed specifically to protect pillars against the impact of moving vehicles of different capacities, like pallet trucks and forklifts.

The column protections come complete with accessories. Made of extra-resistant REFLEX that is scratch-resistant and perfectly smooth on the surface, the column protections are suitable for different types of impacts and easy to clean.


Protection for the base of pillars. Ideal for handling areas with light & heavy traffic. Rounded design with no protruding or dangerous corners. Compact, robust structure thanks to the closed shape. Fixing accessories included and concealed.


Self-supporting, custom column protection. Does not require fixing either to the floor or to the column. Compact and flexible, it adheres to the column and does not encumber vehicle corridors or working areas. It features anti-collision caps and is suitable for handling areas of trucks and forklifts of different capacities. Available in different heights. The protection’s width can also be adjusted on site thanks to the innovative do-it-yourself GENIUS HUG system.

Hug Tower