The rack upright protections have an innovative internal structure, the only one with three shock absorbers in anti-shock material that effectively absorb frontal and lateral impacts with moving vehicles. Rack protections are easy to install and can be integrated into complex protection systems

Different Types: -


The design is compact, with no corners or protrusions, guaranteeing the perfect fit of the protection to the upright even after impact. No floor fixing: it doesn’t take up precious floorspace or hinder the handling of pallets. Quick and intuitive installation directly on the upright in two simple steps.

Rack Corners

Compact and rounded external design to facilitate the sliding of moving loads outside the rack when impacted. The interior is equipped with a sturdy absorbing plate and three shock absorbers at the most critical points of impact. Fixing accessories included and totally hidden.


Double rail rack end barrier for heavy traffic areas. Highly flexible. Standard 1100- and 2400-mm modules. Other lengths for each module are available on request.

Rack corner