The explosive atmosphere in form of dust or gas surrounding the object to be lifted will be sucked into the vacuum system and through tubes, filter and pump. It is important to carefully plan the selection and placement of each component and have in mind that every component will be affected, even though it might not be within the ATEX zone.

The placement of the vacuum pump is more significant for an ATEX vacuum system than for a normal vacuum system. This is because the pump is blowing out the air and explosive atmosphere is pulled in at the suction cup. Placing the pump outside of the ATEX zone or in another room might be a good option for reducing noise or save space in a limited area. However, placing the pump outside of the ATEX zone does not remove or reduce the need for an ATEX certified pump for the correct zone. The explosive atmosphere will still travel through the inside of the pump; therefore the pump is required to be protected from ignition risk and approved for a certain temperature.

Advantages: - Vacuum lifters in ATEX area

TAWI vacuum lift systems use vacuum for both lifting and gripping the load and are designed to work at the whole vacuum level range between 0-60% vacuum. The higher vacuum level the system reaches, the higher you lift. TAWI ATEX lifter allows you to lift effortlessly in ATEX regulated facilities.

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