Easily lift anything from plain boxes to permeable sacks or bulky tyres. Choose between a wide selection of standard tools or Ergonomic and efficient lifting

With our mobile lifting equipment, you can ensure an ergonomic work environment without slowing down pace. In fact, a mobile vacuum lifter will often allow 1 person to do work that normally requires 2 people. Relieved from manual heavy lifts, workers can get more done in less time. This means they can save their strength, and you can save time and money in your operations.

The mobile lifters are ideal for order picking in warehouses or logistic centres. Designed for optimal reach into pallet racks these lifters will ensure efficient operations with minimal strain on personnel. let us custom make suction feet for your specific goods. No matter what you need to lift, we can help you grip and lift the load in a safe way. Our mobile lifters handle loads up to 80 kg.