Non-standard Cranes and Hoists refers to the product designed and manufactured based on standard hoist and cranes. The main feature of non-standard electric hoist and Cranes is to fit the actual working conditions and special needs of the buyer Tantragna could custom all kinds of non-standard products and create exclusive lifting equipment for the buyer.
Non-standard electric hoist specifications include low headroom electric hoist, double hook electric hoist, multi-hook electric hoist, circular track electric hoist, double-track electric hoist, metallurgical anti-corrosion electric hoist.
In many special workplaces, the general specification electric hoist and Crane cannot meet the actual working conditions. It is necessary to design and manufacture a non-standard customized electric hoist and Cranes for a specific purpose, which can better conform to the actual use environment of the buyer, saving time and effort. High work efficiency can help buyers reduce production costs and increase competitiveness.